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SOUNDINGS – Seeing What Was Hidden

I’d been on that roof top many times in Kathmandu, and never seen it.  But when last there and our group was taking the Eucharist on that same roof top deck, one of our members suddenly exclaimed, “Look!  There’s a Himalaya!”  And indeed there it was, one mighty...
We’re back from Nepal!

We’re back from Nepal!

Well friends, we’ve returned safely from our mission pilgrimage to Nepal.  And what a trip it was! The Lord guided us, protected us, granted us special opportunities, magnificent vistas, and revealed himself in many unexpected places.  Our second trip to Nepal...
Coracle and ARDF in Nepal – Part 2

Coracle and ARDF in Nepal – Part 2

Last we updated you on our journey, we were about to leave Kathmandu for Pokhara.  We all arrived safely in Pokhara on Monday to the view of a beautiful lake, surrounded by mountains.  The pace is less frenetic and it is much less crowded, the air is cleaner and it...

On Pilgrimage… Where will you go?

“…it remains the case that Christianity is not, at its heart, a territorial religion.” -N.T. Wright You are a pilgrim. Whether or not you hold a passport, whether or not you’ve ever left your hometown, you are.  Since people began to write things down, they have...

Nepal Travel Journal

We’re very thankful to Kevin Patterson for sharing his beautiful photography and reflections on the recent trip he took with Coracle and ARDF to Nepal.  Read it here:  Nepal Travel Journal.