Author: Chrissy Koach

Speaking Life Aloud

Sensory clutter surrounds us.  Extremely sensitive to it, I’ve used toilet paper from public rest rooms to plug my ears in school hallways, coffee shops, and grocery stores.  Why is so much “nothing” available, and why at such loud volumes, in such bright colors?  And...

Abide in Me- John 15

To me, abide is synonymous with comfort and peace. So many stresses surround us, and fear/anger are easy reactions for me… especially when I have an imbalance of coffee or sleep (or exercise or quiet …).  And reactions can be lethal. Obey, respect, and accept are...
God, Isaiah and Oswald Chambers

God, Isaiah and Oswald Chambers

Like many parents, I am fretting over the summer calendar already.  (Maybe these extra snow days after an already-long weekend  are wearing me out!)  The awesome church camp schedule is posted, but I’m still waiting on the county’s schedule.  Further, we have several...

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