Pilgrimage to the Everest Base Camp – 2024

Brothers and sisters! I’d like to invite you to seriously consider and hopefully join me on a trek to Everest Base Camp on approximately May 12-26, 2024 in the Himalayan kingdom of Nepal.

A little background…Since I first visited Nepal and trekked in the Himalaya in 1995, I’ve loved the country, the people, and those mountains. I’ve been back 5 times or so since, and trekked on a couple of those occasions. God has always met me profoundly in those  mountains. Always and profoundly. And it’s become joy for me to introduce others to  the gorgeousness of God in those high mountains, and through the church in Nepal where God is working like he worked in the book of Acts.

So I’ve trekked the Himalaya alone (1995), I’ve done it another time with another brother (2004), and have also done it with a group (2018). Each of those times was powerful and God-kissed, deep and transformative and renewing. God meets us in those mountains  when we go there to encounter him. Of course, he meets us anywhere we go to encounter  him, it’s just that some places are more transcendent than others, like surrounded by mountains that soar above 28,000 feet.

I’ve seen Mt. Everest several times from the air, but never from the ground. I’ve never trekked to Everest Base Camp, and I’d like to, with others who may simply want to go with others on that sort of journey with God. I hope that my son Liam will join me, and if you have a son or daughter that you would like to do this together with, that would be great and most welcome. This can be a pretty powerful “rite of passage” sort of  experience for a teenager or young 20 something.

Here’s a few details/thoughts that may be helpful. 

  • It’s about 2 weeks door to door, 1 day to get there, 2 days in Kathmandu and 10 days trekking (including a helicopter ride), and 1 day to get back.
  • While it’d be physically strenuous, it’s very doable. Altitude wise, we’d get up to 17,500 feet, and acclimatize along the way. If I can do it, you can do it. You  wouldn’t be getting this email if I had doubts about you being able to do it.
  • I have an excellent company to guide and outfit us, who I’ve worked with before  and have utmost confidence in. This is super helpful and actually makes it  possible.
  • Cost wise, it’ll be about 3K, not including flights to/from Kathmandu, which run  usually no more than $1.5K and can be as low as $1.2K roundtrip. In other words, for what this experience is and as many days as it is, it feels affordable with a little savings over time.
  • This it will be a truly powerful experience of Spiritual Formation, a true pilgrimage of sorts to the high places with Jesus, who made them.

Find the itinerary for our trip here. We would love for you to prayerfully join us on this pilgrimage! If you are interested in learning more or having a conversation about this trip, please contact Kristy for more information.

The first deposit is due Friday, February 2nd

The Final Balance is due Friday, April 12th

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