Coracle offers retreats for individuals and small groups at Corhaven, the ministry’s spacious retreat property in the heart of the Shenandoah Valley. It is a place for individuals and groups who want to meet with God and experience His transformative presence.

Personal Retreats

Coracle offers individuals and families a chance to step back, relax, and focus on God with space for personal and group retreats. The 17-acre wooded property offers a network of trails, a creek with stations for prayer and reflection, fire pits with wood supplied, and a variety of other spaces to connect with God.


Locations & Accommodations


The Cottage – As a part of Phase two we envision the cottage as both a lending library with a focus on Spiritual Formation & Kingdom Action, as well as a place where retreatants can reserve time and space to either meet with their spiritual director (in person or on zoom), or have a quiet dedicated space for reading, journaling, and prayer.


The Woodshop is a two-story retreat space with accommodations for families and larger groups. It has two upstairs bedrooms that can sleep up to 12 people, as well as a room for one individual downstairs, a half-bath and full-bath, a fully-stocked kitchen. The downstairs bathrooms and kitchen are available to all guests that visit the property while on retreat.


The Garden is managed by the Corhaven’s Host, as well as volunteer energy from the community and retreatants. It is a large plot of fertile earth open to anyone who wishes to partner with the Corhaven Host in the good work of creation care while on retreat.


The Campgrounds are found in a clearing in the woods behind Corhaven’s facilities. With multiple firepits, this is a perfect place for families and groups who wish to take a camping retreat and enjoy Corhaven’s beautiful natural setting. Smaller sites are available for solitary campers as well.


The Corhaven Graveyard is a historic burial ground for enslaved people that has been developed into a sacred site of remembrance and reconciliation. All are welcome to visit and reflect in the memorial garden that is dedicated to honoring the enslaved African Americans who originally worked this land.

Your Stay

Retreats at Corhaven are designed to be flexible in length and customized to the needs and desires of the individual or family. Although guests can visit for as short as an afternoon or stay for multiple days, visitors generally come for a day retreat or single overnight.

Suggested Donation

Although Corhaven does not charge for personal retreats, we gladly accept contributions in order to make it possible for us to continue to offer this place and time. Suggested donation amounts are as follows:

Day Use Rates:

Weekend Day Use: 
Whole Building (woodshop) – $200
Individual – $75

Weekday Day use: 
Whole Building (woodshop) – $150
Individual – $50

Overnight Rates:

Weekend Overnight Use Per Night:
Whole Building (woodshop) – $600 
Sm group/shared room – $250
Individual – $100 

Weekday Overnight Use Per Night:
Whole Building (woodshop)- $500
Sm group/shared room – $200
Individual – $75

However, if money is an issue, please do not hesitate to come! The generous support of many enables Coracle to provide retreat experiences for anyone regardless of financial ability/resources.

You can make a tax-deductible donation by writing a check to “Coracle” putting “Corhaven” in the memo and Mailing it to 5401 7th Road South Arlington, VA 22204.

You can also donate by credit-card by clicking here.


Planning Your Visit

When planning your visit, prayerfully consider the kind of retreat you would like to make and use the Personal Retreat Reservation Form to communicate your interest and desires with staff. We will endeavor to do all that we can to accommodate you and to facilitate an encounter with the God who loves you, is with you and desires to meet with you here!

For more information about retreat options, availability and what to bring, contact us here.

Group Retreats

Group Retreats:

Group retreats capacity: up to 13 overnight, or 25 people for day use. If you are a part of a leadership team, small group, men’s or women’s ministry etc. that would like to use the Woodshop for a group retreat, just indicate how many people and for how long, and if you’d like to use the whole building on your reservation request form.

Coracle Led Group Retreats:

Coracle offers a variety of group retreat experiences at Corhaven, in DC, Baltimore, Northern Virginia, for organizations and churches across the US, and in different places around the world. We offer training in areas like spiritual formation for executives and leadership teams, guidance of retreats for staff training days, parish retreats, women’s or men’s ministry retreats, and more.

We also provide day-long retreats both at Corhaven and elsewhere (Baltimore, DC, NoVA, etc) for exploration and education and encounter with God. These retreat days invite people from all places to discern and focus on specific topics (e.g. “Falling in Love with Jesus”, liturgical themes of Advent or Lent, “Drawing Close to God in Creation”, etc.). The retreats offer direction and teaching from a trained leader, devoted time with God, prayer, and sharing with each other, and generally the celebration of the Eucharist.

Some of the retreats we offer make up our year-long Coracle Fellowship spiritual formation program as well. The topics offered within that program can be found HERE.

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