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“Discernment: Hearing God in a Noisy World”

Simply put, discerning God’s unique voice is one of the most important skills for a Christian and is absolutely crucial for our intimacy with God and our ability to follow him.  And, in many ways, our world is engineered to prevent us from cultivating the skill of discernment.  Because of these two realizations, we offer this growing collection of resources to help all of us learn to better recognize and respond to God’s unique voice.  We hope you’ll be blessed by them!



"What is Discernment & Why It Matters"

In this SOUNDINGS Post, Bill Haley examines the basic contours of Christian discernment and explains why it is such a critical skill in our modern age.


"Learning to Hear God"

In this SOUNDINGS Post, Rev. Bill Haley offers unpacks the beautiful (and Biblical) invitation into a conversational relationship with God, specifically focusing on the story of Samuel & Eli from 1 Samuel 3.


"The Gift of Spiritual Direction"

Drew Masterson offers a helpful overview of Spiritual Direction, along with some resources for further exploration.

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"Space for God"

A rich collection of video devotional spaces designed to help you connect with God through prayer, beauty, and Scripture.


"The Journey of Discernment"

"Hearing God: Wisdom from Dallas Willard"

"Hearing God with Others: On Corporate Discernment"

"Barriers to Discernment"

"Learning Discernment from Trout"



"A Tool for Discernment"

"Learning to Hear God"

"Praying with the Invitation of Discernment"

"Discernment Amidst Distraction"

"Letting Wisdom Guide Us"

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