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A Prayer Update from a Pastor in Nepal

The coronavirus pandemic continues to cause major disruptions across the globe, and today we want to ask you to remember our brothers and sisters in Christ living in Nepal– one of Coracle’s core mission partners– where the pandemic has generated a saddening amount of suffering and unrest.

Read a Brief Update from a Pastor on the Ground

As you read, notice things that are familiar to your own experience of the pandemic.  Notice other things facing Nepal which are not afflicting you.  Rejoice for the glimmers of hope and joy reflected in the photos, and have a mind for the small but critical ways we can continue being the church in our own context.  Most of all, keep these faithful brothers and sisters in your prayers.

If you are interested in offering financial support to these communities– or others across the world struggling to grapple with the coronavirus pandemic– ARDF is still receiving donations that will go directly to help support the church in Nepal.
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