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“Doubt, Deconstruction & Redemption”

Coracle has always sought to offer care, companionship, and resources to those wrestling with their faith.  Because of this long commitment, we felt led to enter the unfolding conversation around “deconstruction” by offering programs, conversations, and resources specially crafted for those on the deconstruction journey or those caring for someone on that journey.  Below, you will find a growing collection of resources we have produced on this topic.  We hope they are a blessing to you!


"Why We Care about Deconstruction"

Our Executive Director, Bill Haley, lays out why this topic matters to our mission and lays out his hopes for this series.


"On Good Questions, Doubt & Deconstruction"

In this SOUNDINGS Post, Bill Haley shares the good questions and significant doubts that led him to a deeper faith over the course of his life.


"Defining Deconstruction"

In this article, Drew Masterson offers a few helpful categories we can use to better understand “Deconstruction” and how to care for those going through it.


"Being Honest to God"

In this SOUNDINGS Post, Rev. Bill Haley shares the transcript of a sermon where he demonstrates what we can learn and how we can be formed by some of the most challenging passages in the Bible, specifically, Psalm 137.


"How Beautiful Christianity Gets Obscured"

In this SOUNDINGS Post, Bill Haley offers 5 dynamics that can distort or obscure our vision of Christianity’s beauty and a few ways we might seek to recover that vision.


"In Defense of Dangerous Questions"

In this SOUNDINGS Post, Bill Haley shares deep insights he learned on his first solo trip around the globe.


"Wrestling With God"

In this SOUNDINGS Post, Bill Haley demonstrates the Biblical precedent for really wrestling with God through difficult circumstances and questions.


"Jesus Among the World Religions"

Rev. Bill Haley helps us to ask how Christianity fits into a world full of other religions.  Is Jesus really worth following amidst so many different religious founders through the centuries?


"Science vs. Faith?"

Rev. Bill Haley reflects on how the scientific discoveries of the last 400 years resonate or clash with the claims of Christianity.



"A Closer Look at Deconstruction"

"Faithfully Navigating Fracturing in the Church"

"Disentangling Church & Culture"

"How Then Shall We Live? Recognizing Our Moment & the Call to Christians"

"Resilient Faith: A Theology & Spirituality that Can Handle Great Hardship"

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