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Space for God


We are always being formed in one direction or another. We all know how easy it is to get swept along by cultural currents of individualism, workism, materialism, and the like. But, we also know that the “life to the full” Jesus offers us is so m...

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The Chosen -- Encountering Jesus Afresh -- Oct. 26


After three lovely sessions of watching The Chosen (description below), we are excited to conclude our contemplative journey through pivotal episodes from Season 1.
Have you been disappointed by -- or even cringed at -- depictions of Jesus in art ...

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How to Fall in Love with Jesus


We experience seasons (sometimes long) when our hearts feel dry or distant from Jesus, even if we know we’re not supposed to be feeling that, and feel badly that we do!  The good news is you’re not alone, in fact many Christians live with these ...

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Applications for the Coracle Fellowship Program are OPEN until Nov 15!  EXPLORE THIS 12-MONTH JOURNEY