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“For the Journey” Podcast

We are thrilled to introduce you to “For the Journey,” our new weekly podcast offering formation and inspiration to followers of Jesus longing for more of God, in their own lives and in the world around them.

Every week, you’ll be hearing from pastors, spiritual directors, artists, scholars, and activists—all inviting us into a deeper walk with God for the sake of the world.  Through this regular rhythm of sermons, guided spiritual practices, thoughtful conversations, and more—we hope you are drawn more deeply into the heart of God, burning bright with love for you, so that you might shine all the brighter with God’s love as you move through our hurting world, and so that you can discover with joy who God uniquely made you to be while you’re on the journey.

You can download or stream “For the Journey” wherever you listen to podcasts.  We hope these offerings will be a blessing, and please share any episodes you enjoyed with other friends and fellow pilgrims who might also be blessed!

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