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FAQs: Coracle Fellowship Online

How do I apply for the Coracle Fellowship Online (CFO)?

Easy!  Click here, fill out the form, and select the Online program when prompted. 

Once I apply, when will I hear whether or not I was accepted?

Our applications are reviewed on a rolling basis.  We will get back to you with a decision about your application within two weeks of its submission date.

If I start online, can I switch to in-person later?

The in-person Fellowship in Northern Virginia + DC has a maximum class size of 50 based on the physical capacity of the retreat spaces. Therefore, we cannot guarantee that there will be room in that program if you choose to start the year as part of the Coracle Fellowship Online.

If I start in-person, can I switch to online later?

Yes, that is possible.  Please notify program leadership if you decide to do so.

What if I can’t afford the cost of the program but I still want to do it?

We would love to talk with you about what would help make the program possible for you! 

There are also lots of options for establishing a payment plan.  The suggested donation for the program is a total of $1350, but this can be broken down into a monthly donation of about $113 over the course of the program (which you can set up easily online), or donations can be made in different increments that work for you. 

We also have scholarship funds available. Particularly for any African American brothers or sisters who would like to participate, we are able to offer full scholarships through our Howard Thurman Scholarship Program. If you are interested in a scholarship, please indicate this in your application form or contact us.

We can also help you fundraise support if that is a route open to you.  Bottom line: we don’t want to let money get in the way of your participation.

Why is there a $200 deposit donation?

If you have applied and been accepted into the CFO, we would like you to make a donation in the amount of $200 to demonstrate your commitment to participating in the 12-month program.  If your circumstances change between your acceptance and the start of the program, this donation is fully-refundable up until January 7th.

How much reading is there?

The program is truly self-paced.  We recommend books with every retreat and provide a comprehensive reading list that accompanies the program.  There are only a few books that are required reading and there are lots of alternative media sources to which we can help guide you. If you are not a big reader, don’t let that deter you from the program.  Think about audiobooks as well!  We can work with you to find ways to get the supplemental material between retreats in other formats if that would enable you to get more out of your Fellowship participation.  Usually, there is one book recommended per retreat.

How much will books cost?

Books are not covered by the suggested donation for the CFO. Not all the books are required reading but it breaks down to about 1 book per retreat.  Most of the books are available used on Amazon for a reasonable price.  If you have trouble getting an affordable copy of a book, please let us know!

How can I get copies of books without buying them?

We have past participants who have loaned books and we have also purchased a few copies of books for each class to use.  If you read on a Kindle e-reader, there is a way to loan books.  Audible also allows books to be loaned under certain conditions.  Many libraries offer electronic copies of books as well and you can find some of the titles we suggest but many are harder to find. Interlibrary loan programs can sometimes be helpful for this, but advance planning is helpful since it sometimes takes a while to get the books.

Bottom Line: let us know if you are struggling to track down any of the Fellowship materials at an affordable price.

What happens if I cannot attend a retreat?

If, for some reason, you need to miss a group retreat, please notify program leadership as soon as possible.  We will send you the materials that go in your binder as well as the links for the video recordings covering the content you missed.

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