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14 Days of Encountering Jesus

As we have stewarded our two series this year, “Doubt, Deconstruction & Redemption” and “Discernment: Hearing God’s Voice in a Noisy World,” we have waded into some complicated and contentious topics.  It can get heavy.  That is why we resolved from the start to “keep Jesus at the center” of whatever it was we would explore together.

Striving to see Jesus clearly and remain as close as we can to him is a core practice in the life of any Christian of any age, and it remains so in our age of cultural noise, upheaval, and confusion.  That is why we are grateful to invite you into “14 Days of Encountering Jesus”— a prayerful journey through the life of our Lord and Savior, from humble birth to triumphant ascension.  

Over the past 88 Tuesday mornings, we have gathered from 8:30-9 AM (ET) for “Space for God”– a time to meet with and be met by God through guided reflection and prayer.  Over the weeks, the archive of recordings from this rich time together has grown into a terrific resource for those curious about exploring different modes of spiritual practice, Bible study, and prayer.  

Periodically, we draw together the best sessions on a particular topic and offer them as a special collection.  “14 Days of Encountering Jesus” is our newest special collection, and we hope it will help keep you tethered to our Good Shepherd as we seek to navigate these times faithfully!

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