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A Letter from Bill: A Look back at 2017, A look forward to 2018

Dear friends and fellow pilgrims,

This annual letter updating you and asking for your help is always a joy to write, and this year even more so.  2017 has been a remarkable year for the ministry of Coracle.  The only explanation is that God is with us and blessing this effort at “Spiritual Formation FOR Kingdom Action”.   Our passion for both of these things has deepened, sharpened, and intensified and throughout the year and has taken on more concrete and tangible for many more people.

On top of everything else Coracle already does, a year ago I told you 2017 would be a year of rolling several new initiatives on racial reconciliation and peacemaking, pilgrimages, a prayer team, and a year-long spiritual formation program.  All of these things have happened, strongly.  Below I’ve included just a sampling of testimonies reflecting how God has met many many people through Coracle this year.

We’re especially delighted and surprised at the Coracle Fellowship Spiritual Formation Program.  Less than 12 months after we realized it was really time to do it, we’ve just graduated our first class of Fellows, 20 of them!  And the Coracle Fellows for 2018 will be almost 30 people!  Thanks be to God.

Shortly I’ll send you via email our annual report (if you want a hard copy email Jennifer Custer), and you can read all about 2017, see the numbers and statistics, look at the pictures, and be encouraged. Today I want to also tell you about where we’re going in 2018 because we’ll need your prayer support and financial support more than ever.

We expect to offer much “More” ministry in all of our key areas of ministry.  Amen.  We also plan to take significant strides to the “Maturing” of our ministry by adding two full-time staff and some other key staff roles over the course of the year, creating the organizational systems to support this growth, and more.  We also expect that this year we will find some sort of property in the N. Virginia/DC to serve as a base and place for more ministry there and the deepening community that Coracle is becoming.

You can imagine this will significantly increase our annual budget, by about 40% to $422,000.  Brothers and sisters, this is at the same time intimidating and feels deeply right.  As I said, we’ll need your prayer support and financial support more than ever.

At this year end would you help us in two ways?  First, consider joining our prayer team and get monthly praise reports and prayer requests.   2018 will happen by prayer.  Email Karla Petty to sign up for this.

Second,   would you consider supporting us financially at this year’s end?  We’re seeking to raise $80,000 as 2017 ends in order to enable 2018 to happen.  As you’re led, you can donate online here and there get details on how to send a check.  THANK YOU SO MUCH!  Tomorrow is “Giving Tuesday” and would be a lovely day to get many donations.

The Haley Family

The Haley Family

The image of a coracle–a bunch of disciples in a boat together with Jesus, going where God leads–continues to deepen in meaning and significance for us.  We’re glad for those in the boat already, and those who will join, and to quote Brody from Jaws,  “We’re gonna need a bigger boat…”  Thanks to you for helping us build it, and thanks be God for calling us to it.

On the Journey,




PS:  I’d be remiss if I didn’t include at least one video that’ll quicken your blood!  Here is Dear Wormwood by The Oh Hellos.  In 2018, I just may grow a handlebar mustache.  At 4:20 is how I feel coming into 2018.   And, leading into Advent, do yourself a favor and download or Spotify their “Oh Hellos Family Christmas Album”.  After a couple of listens, you owe me a dollar for every time you find yourself getting a little weepy, and if you don’t at all I’ll give you two bucks.

“So grateful for this moment of rest and a renewed sense of God’s loving, abiding presence–in this loveliest of places.”

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