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Coracle Annual Report 2017-2018

Dear ones,

I’m delighted to offer you Coracle’s Annual Report for 2017, and a look into 2018.   Please take some time to look it through, thank God with us, and pray for us coming into 2018.  If you would like to receive a hard-copy, send your address in an email to Jennifer Custer.
SO many people are making Coracle possible, and you are amongst them.  Thank you for that.  Really, thank you.
Thank you too for considering supporting this ministry at year’s end to help us finish the year strong and to enter the new year with great confidence.  As you’ll see in our report, there is good reason for us to be intimidated by 2018 and what is in store for Coracle, but we are confident that the Lord is leading us.
Now that Advent has officially begun, a blessing for you:
May this season be one of great gratitude for what God has done through the coming of the Christ, 
and may it be a season of patient waiting and joyful expectation for what God will bring to you!
On the Journey,
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PS:  I’m sure I’ve sent this to you before, but it’s Advent and I get to send it to you again!   As always, a settled and quiet space, a comfort drink of choice, full screen and volume set to 11…