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Art as Adoration for Advent

This special Advent offering features music, reflections, and storytelling from Seth Crissman of The Walking Roots Band. He sets Scripture to music, repurposes old hymns, and shares some of his own compositions from The Soil and The Seed Project in this sweet time of singing, story, and prayer.

The Soil and The Seed Project has a number of really great, family-focused formation resources, all available for free!


About Seth:

Seth is an educator, pastor, and member of The Walking Roots Band (TWRB)– an acoustic, Americana, folksy, blue-ish-grassy, roots music group based in Harrisonburg, VA.  Steeped in Anabaptist hymn-singing traditions, the band’s original folk music and reclaimed hymns are supported with lush vocal harmonies.  The music speaks of hope, whether through sacred words written hundreds of years ago or in the honest voice of one of the band’s songwriters.  TWRB doesn’t make music full-time, but when they are able to tour, perform, record, or even just get together to practice and arrange new music, they are thankful for the fans, family, and friends who make it all possible.

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