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COVID & The Church in Nepal: The Second Wave

The leader of the Anglican Church in Nepal recently sent out this letter to the Anglican Relief and Development Fund (for which Rev. Bill Haley is Chairman of the Board).  You’ll see below both that the situation is very dire, and that God is at work in powerful ways through his servants on the ground all over the country.  Please join us in prayer for our brothers and sisters in Nepal, a place and a people for whom we care deeply, and, if you feel led, you may also give.

Greetings to all of you in the name of our ascended Lord.

My sincere apologies for this delayed update and appeal for Nepal. The second wave of COVID has greatly affected the people in Nepal. Political instability is further worsening the situation, as the government is spending its time on internal conflicts instead of helping the people.  The country has been on a lockdown since April 28th,  and this has resulted in people– like the daily rated workers and the many living in slums– going without daily meals.  The Diocese of Singapore has sent enough money to feed 500 families of four or five, with a simple ration which includes: a bag of rice, oil, Dhal, salt, and soap.  This can last them for a month, but we may have to extend another month or two depending on the extended period of lockdown.

Many in the Anglican Church in Nepal (ACN) have been affected by the virus and we have lost an evangelist from St. Mark’s Golgotha Church.  Many are suffering without oxygen, and we are planning to do a medical mission through a Christian NGO in Nepal.  There is a plan to transport oxygen concentrators and other medical equipment to Nepal through China.  These will be received in Nepal by the NGO, which is certified by the Nepali government to receive medical equipment from abroad.

We hope to set up two Covid Treatment Centres (CTC) at Kathmandu and Dhading respectively, to assist people who are suffering from mild to moderate breathlessness.  These centers will be set up by the NGO, which will supply doctors and nurses to work on shifts.  ACN will mobilize volunteers to work along with the doctors and nurses to provide pastoral care and eventually do a follow-up with those seeking help at these centers.  These centers will be set up near local hospitals so that they can treat the more seriously ill patients while we help the mild to moderately affected patients.  Doing this medical mission will help ACN to establish a trustworthy relationship with the local hospitals.

Do pray for this medical help to alleviate the suffering of many in Nepal and bring many into contact with Christian love.

In the Grace and Peace of Christ,


If you would like to make a financial gift that will aid the Church in Nepal’s grassroots efforts to meet the staggering needs of their community, simply click the button below.  On the donation form, when you reach “Add’l Designation,” simply select “Nepal Covid Relief 2021”.



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