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Conflict in Israel/Palestine: What to Know & What You Can Do

Like many of you, we are deeply grieved by the violence and unrest which continues to ripple through the Holy Land.  We have long had a heart for and worked for peace in that region, leading 3 peacemaking pilgrimages to Israel/Palestine with Telos Group through the years so that we could better appreciate the deep, deep complexities of the political/cultural/religious landscape there and be formed.  As Bill Haley (Coracle Executive Director) summarizes in a compilation of his writing about these pilgrimages, “Nothing is Not Complex” about Israel/Palestine.

This remains true about the tragedies of the past few weeks.  Here are a few resources we would like to offer you to help keep you informed and give you a few opportunities for meaningful action.

Stay Informed:

Take Action:

  • Join us in praying especially for our brothers and sisters in the region.  
    • Pray for protection for the Jewish community in Israel and for wisdom for their leaders.  Pray for the security of Israel and the cessation of current violence.
    • Folks at Bethlehem Bible College are requesting prayers, including for
      • Protection over the civilians (especially children)
      • For the Christians and churches in Gaza
      • Justice for Palestinians and lasting peace for all
      • International intervention to stop the war in Gaza
      • Pray against the spirit of evil and death, and pray for the people to have life – and life in abundance.
  • Make a Gift towards peace:

Finally, if you are interested in learning more about Telos’ work and our partnership with them, these offer helpful context:

We hope these resources, opportunities, and invitations will help all of us continue steadfastly on the journey to bring God’s Kingdom of Shalom (justice, peace, flourishing) to our broken world.

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