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Generosity and Gratitude in Guatemala

We’re excited to give an update that draws together several parts of Coracle’s world: Pilgrimage, Community, and Kingdom Action!  In October of 2019, we traveled to Guatemala.  Helping Christian communities intentionally and incarnationally engage the world’s wounded places has been central to Coracle’s focus since we began our work in 2012, drawing us outside and to the borders of the US time and again.  On this particular exploratory pilgrimage, we interacted with a new friend and partner in ministry, Nate Bacon.  Nate and his wife Jenny– as well as a strong team of devoted, incredible people in different areas of the country– work with InnerCHANGE.  

Read more about Nate and his work here.   

This beautiful community was hit very hard by the global pandemic.  During our Coracle Community gathering in November, we were discussing a Kingdom Action project.  We are committed to the idea that the work we put into cultivating a vibrant inner-relationship with God is never just for our own benefit.  Rather, that relationship is always meant to flow outwards into the brokenness of the world around us as acts of generosity, restoration, and hospitality.  In other words, we believe in “Spiritual Formation for Kingdom Action.” 

We were discussing our international partners and our hopes to do something with and for them in January when someone piped up, “Since Christmas is around the corner, can’t we do something now?”  A great question.  So, we asked Nate if we could be a blessing to his team and their communities in Guatemala and Central America.  He gave us a few specific ways to respond.  Through your generosity we were able to provide all of the following needs to communities in Central America, as well as a few additional support donations helping other ministries:

  • Provided 12 families in the communities of Berlin and Sumpango, 12 families in Guatemala City, and 20 moms in Quetzaltenango with Christmas baskets.
  • Provided school supplies and enrollment scholarships for 16 children
  • Provided food staples in large quantities to 100 families in Honduras
  • Provided construction materials to families to help with extensive damage from Hurricane Iota, also in Honduras

It is because of your generosity and creativity that all of that was possible.  We thank you so much for supporting these communities and encourage you to join our community meeting on March 10th to hear from a community leader there directly!  They’ve sent along pictures and notes from the people who benefitted from what you all provided and gratitude overflows.  Ours for you, being such loyal and faithful supporters, and theirs for us, partners in mission.  We thank God for all of you for enabling us to make this gift to these wonderful people.  We will go back and visit them in Guatemala before too long, and we hope you will join us then too!

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