Justice and Mercy

Gathering in Humility to Listen, Learn, and Serve: A Racial Reconciliation Seminar

On Jan 30th, 2021, over 150 men and women from across the country tuned-in to this special time of teaching, learning, conversation, and prayer focused on how to equip ourselves for and step into the difficult but necessary work of racial reconciliation in our country.

9 Panelists from different backgrounds and ministries shared insights into

1) The Biblical Foundations for Racial Reconciliation:  Mike Seawright (Truro Anglican), Melvin Jones (Antioch Baptist), Jonathan Walton (InterVarsity Christian Fellowship)

2) The Imperative for Racial Reconciliation:  Bill Haley (Coracle), Kathleen Otchy (Fairfax Community), Maynard Henry (Fairfax Community)

3) Models and Examples of Racial Reconciliation:  Eric Newton (Grace Community), Erin Clifford (Holy Trinity), Steve Coy (Grace Community)

4) How to Get Involved in Racial Reconciliation Groups and Healing Projects:  Various panelists

We hope you will be blessed by this rich offering!

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