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Upcoming in 2020: Journey with Us!

Friends, there are some very exciting things coming up in 2020, and I really hope you’ll join in some of it.  I can promise you adventure, God, heartache, joy, depth, wonder, and watching God do stuff in you, around you, and through you.   Here are some highlights that we’re particularly excited about, including opening the Coracle Community, so many transformative travel opportunities, launching the Coracle Fellowship in Baltimore, racial reconciliation efforts, retreat opportunities throughout the year, seminars, and more.

We’ll be writing more about all these things, so here’s a high level view.  On top of the normal things that we do like personal retreats and spiritual direction

On Wednesday, March 11 we’ll open up and launch the Coracle Community!  Community is one of the most powerfully forming things on the planet, and and over the last year-and-a-half we have been piloting a monthly gathering in Northern Virginia designed to foster rich community and powerful spiritual growth. We’re glad to finally feel ready to open this gathering to whoever is drawn, so if that sounds like you, email Karla Petty ( for more information.

We have quite a few opportunities to go on powerful pilgrimages and trips this year, including:

The 2nd Annual Slavery in Virginia pilgrimage (March 28-29);
An American South pilgrimage to Louisiana, Mississippi and Alabama in partnership with the Telos Group (April 15-22);
A return to Palestine to attend the Christ at the Checkpoint conference (June 5-9) and to Guatemala (June 22-28);
Our Celtic Pilgrimage in the UK  (June 26-July 6);
Our next trip to Nepal (November 14-22);
And a US/Mexico border encounter in the fall.

The Coracle Fellowship launches in Baltimore on September 19!  More on that soon.   

We have many opportunities for retreats, contemplative experiences, and learning, including:

“How to Fall in Love with Jesus” at Corhaven (June 3);
A weekend retreat “On Community” near Front Royal (May 9-10);
A Celtic Lent service in NoVA (March 25);
And retreats in Baltimore for Lent (March 7) and Advent (Dec 12).

 We will also be offering a handful of Soundings Seminars throughout the year, beginning with one on Guatemala (Feb 9) in NoVA.

Speaking of NoVA, in addition to the Coracle Community gatherings, we will also offer regular Word & Silence contemplative prayer times on the 1st and 3rd Wednesday’s of the month in Falls Church, and a monthly Book & Movie Club in Arlington on the 4th Wednesday of the month.

In March and April we’ll once again participate in “An American Lent” with The Repentance Project, and host some small group discussions in NoVA.  The Corhaven Graveyard has several Community Work Days on the calendar (Jan 20, April 11, May 25) and the CG Book Club will read Collective Amnesia: American Apartheid starting Feb 1.

Longing for More?  Join us.  Wanting to go deeper with God?  Join us.  Want to go deeper into the pain and beauty of the world?  Join us.  Feeling stuck in your spiritual life?  Join us.  Wanting to do some good in the world?  Join us.  Aching to give yourself wholly to God?  Join us.  And we’ll do it together.

On the Journey,



PS:  There’s still time at this year end to support Coracle financially.  As you can tell with all that the Lord is calling us into next year, our work is going to require the support of many fellow-pilgrims like you!!  I hope you got to look over this year’s Annual Report and see all that’s been happening.  It’s pretty exciting, and what’s coming is even more exciting!  God is good, life is an adventure….

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