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Meet Laren Butler, Corhaven’s Summer 2018 Intern!

 Everyone, we are so happy to be welcoming Laren Butler to Corhaven for the summer of 2018.  She comes to us in between her third and fourth years at UVA where she studies Sociology and Religious studies.  She is involved with Theological Horizons, and found out about the internship through their newsletter.

Laren has two sisters and hails from Brunswick County, in southeastern Virginia.

In her own words:

“I really enjoy all things visual arts: I like painting and drawing, and basically just looking at pretty things. Singing and music hold a very big part in my heart. I enjoy spending time with my friends in my Christian a cappella group, CHoosE, at the University of Virginia, where we sing fun jams about our awesome Savior. Some of my favorite places to go all have one thing in common: coffee. I am a huge coffee fanatic and also just love the vibes of a cliche coffee shop.  When it comes to things that make me come alive, I love puppies (so original right?), babies, trees, mountains, and again, beautiful things. I think that one of the most beautiful things, too, is people. I love getting to know new people and digging into deep conversation.”

How did she end up at Corhaven?

“After receiving an email listing Corhaven as one of many potential summer opportunities, my curiosity was peaked and my soul was compelled. I applied, not thinking I would ever get it, but upon being accepted, I prayed a lot of the Lord excited my heart for the many opportunities for growth and refinement over the summer that this internship with Corhaven would bring. I am excited to be away from the roar of city life and the business that accompanies being a college student. I am excited to have quiet space to think and commune with God. I am excited to be able to get my hands dirty and to be able to see tangible work being done in the garden. Last of all, I am excited to be living in such close community with Bill, Tara, and the kids. God is in it all, I am just blessed to be able to be a part of it.”

Fun Facts about Laren?

“Fun facts are always really hard to come up with. Uh, I am a commercially licensed bus driver. I can beatbox. I embody a very passionate love of the color yellow.”

When you’re at Corhaven, make sure you take some time to greet the newest face around the grounds. Laren will be indispensable to Coracle’s summer operations and we are excited to have her with us for the next few months.  Come visit us soon!

“This is a watershed for me in my faith.  You gave me the freedom without judgment to follow my sacramental instinct which remind me God is as near as my breath.”

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