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Do you ever wish you had someone who would come alongside you, to be with you in your journey, to deeply listen to your heart, someone who wouldn’t tell you what to do but rather simply to help you listen to God?  Do you feel like God is inviting you to More but you’re not sure what that is?  Do you feel like God is stirring but you don’t know what it means? You might be ready for a spiritual director.

In the past couple of weeks, my sister, Ruth Haley Barton at The Transforming Center has been writing about it too in a couple of wonderful blog posts, in two parts.  In the first part she writes, “As I stayed faithful to my own spiritual journey under the tutelage of this wise guide, spiritual direction became one of the most important disciplines in my life as a leader. It remains so to this day.”

In the second part she writes, “One of the most significant contributions a spiritual director can make in the life of a leader is to create space for reflecting on the spiritual practices that open us to true transformation.”

Coracle does a lot of things, and one of the central things we do is make spiritual direction available to you through our spiritual directors.  If you are feeling compelled to explore this, learn about our spiritual directors in northern VA, DC, and Baltimore, see who resonates with you, reach out to them, and see if there may a connection that God is making.

I want to encourage you to consider this ministry for yourself, and reach out to one of our spiritual directors.  We seem to adding new spiritual directors all the time, and here’s one of our most recent, Reina Brekke based in Alexandria, VA. She wants to ponder the tough questions and listen for God’s voice amid all the competing voices of our culture and time. Reina completed her training in spiritual direction through Richmont Graduate University in Atlanta, GA, and is pursuing a Master’s degree in Spiritual Formation.

If you feel like God is calling you deeper, spiritual direction may be for you, and we’re happy to help you connect with one. It’s part of what we do.

On the journey,

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