Spiritual Formation For Kingdom Action

Summertime…and the livin’ is easy

A long, slow, exhale as you ease into your chair with something you’ve been wanting to read.  A sultry morning, a soundtrack of cicadas and sprinklers, sans school buses, when you can already feel the heat sizzle at 7am. A warm night outside with a grill going and lightning bugs glowing intermittently in the dark. Lemonade. Watermelon. The ice cream truck.  Van Morrison.

You can almost feel your heartbeat slow down, can’t you? That’s sort of the point. Summer often feels like a time when we can slow down a bit and that’s what Coracle is doing over the next few weeks.

So much has happened already! 2017 brought us the birth of the Coracle Fellows program, two new retreats at Corhaven, more accolades and additionsfor the Corhaven GraveyardCommon Good Thingsis fully operational online, we added new spiritual directorsCoracle Baltimore keeps growing, and we’ve been sending staff all over the world.  Woah. My heartbeat just sped up again.  Over this slower time, we are hoping to intentionally take stock of and pray about all the things God has led Coracle into so far, and where he might be leading us in the future.  And our hope is that you would get some time to do that as well, for your life, for the life of those around you, and for the world.  As always, we’re here to help you do that.

While Corhaven is busy with private group retreats and many retreatants, we’ll have one open retreat in July, and things will be quieter for a while. But these months always seem to fly (I mean, we’re already past the 4th of July!) so when you have a chance to stop in a moment, do it. Stay in it. Listen. God is always speaking to us, even in our busyness. We hope you will have a good opportunity to be rejuvenated, to be still, and to listen this summer, just as Coracle is hoping for.  And then when Fall comes for us we won’t want to run and hide, we’ll be ready and expectant of the good work to be done.

“So grateful for this moment of rest and a renewed sense of God’s loving, abiding presence–in this loveliest of places.”

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