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Meet Giovanna Meek! – Corhaven’s Summer Intern 2016

Memorial day has passed and it’s unofficially summer.  Pools are open, school’s almost out, and our minds turn to longer days and outdoor fun.  In many places, it also means the arrival of summer interns! For the second year now, Corhaven is no exception. We are very excited to have Giovanna Meek with us for the summer! We’d like to take a moment to introduce her to you all.

Giovanna comes to us two years into her Master of Divinity degree program at Duke Divinity School. She is married with two adult children, and after finishing her program, she will return to Michigan where she hopes to start a church as well as create a space for retreat, similar to what Corhaven offers, on their property in a remote area of Northern Michigan. How did Giovanna arrive at Corhaven’s doorstep? Well, a few years ago, a short while after she and her husband had relocated to Northern Michigan, the Holy Spirit moved in their lives and led her to pursue a call to go to seminary.  She ended up at Duke Divinity School not too long after that.  Along the way, she became friends with Corhaven’s intern last summer, Abigail Hull, a recent graduate from the same program, and when Giovanna heard more about Coracle and Corhaven, things seemed to align.  And now, here she is with us this summer.  We are very thankful that God has brought our paths together for this time.

At the center of Giovanna’s life is her love for God, and tightly fitted around that foundation is her family.  She has lived her life deeply connected to them and her life decisions are based on her love of God first, followed closely by her love of family. Born in California, growing up there and in Hawaii, she has seen much of this world. She’s a veteran Naval officer, but also had a career as a consultant, specializing in counterterrorism and counterinsurgency, working and living in countries like Afghanistan, Iraq, Djibouti, and the Philippines. She also had an art gallery, started a 501(c)3, and has worked with poor people around the world.  Her husband was also in the military and recently retired after 31 years of service.  Giovanna’s passions include a heart for reconciliation, a sense of calling to be with people in need, and a deep awareness of the resilience, strength and joy in people, especially in war-torn areas like Afghanistan.  That’s one thing that continually renews her faith in God, seeing joy in people who have suffered.

Here are a few fun facts about Giovanna:

Favorite Authors: Shakespeare, Tom Robbins, St. Paul
She has camped out on a volcano, slept in the jungles of Nepal, run more than 15 marathons, had a pet bobcat, sailed to Hawaii when she was 15 and, for the sake of love and trust, drank unknown liquids in countless homes of people around the world (and is still alive to tell about it!).

We hope that if you find yourselves at Corhaven this summer, you will get to meet Giovanna in person! Just one more great reason to take a day away and find “a heart’s rest” in the Shenandoah Valley. See you soon!

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