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Even unto death…

We just wanted to share this beautiful song that Audrey Assad, a favorite artist of many Coracle associates, released “after Audrey heard of yet another martyrdom in the Middle East. ‘I thought of the many martyrs around the world, but especially those in the Middle East, and wondered to myself what would be running through my head if I knew my life was about to be taken because of my faith,’ Audrey explains. ‘And so I began to write the song that became Even Unto Death, praying for the martyrs and hoping for even a shred of their courage. That’s something I would want to sing about on Sundays.” Assad is the daughter of a Syrian refugee.

Read more, get the lyrics, and watch the video here: http://www.spiritualdirection.com/2016/06/02/even-unto-death-a-music-video-meditation#ixzz4ASNx1KGU

We hope you will enjoy!


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