“Eldon Speaks!”

Eldon Stoffell has been a great friend to us for many years now, and a great blessing to Corhaven.  Here he’s interviewed by The Washington Institute about his vocation as a painter, but even more so his vocation as a follower of Jesus.  And there are some lovely shots of the Woodshop at Corhaven, as Eldon brought it into beauty.


An Interview with Eldon Stoffel

Posted May 2013 by Adam Joyce

Eldon Stoffel is a painter who lives in the Washington, D.C. area.

TWIHow have you developed your own sense of calling and theological language for your work? Are there any tensions or complexities that trip you up when you think about your work being part of God’s work?

When I came to the Lord at 50 years old I needed a reason for life or I was out of here. I was recently divorced after 24 years of marriage and it seemed as if everything wasn’t worth the effort. If life was just continuing to paint houses to pay bills and then die, then I was done. . . Click here to see more

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