Two on a journey have an encounter: upon reflection, “weren’t our hearts strangely warmed,” they said. (Luke 24: 13-35) Jesus sending his followers out by twos with instructions not to take anything and with authority over the unclean spirits. They went, preaching a message of repentance, casting out demons, anointing with oil and healing. (Mark 6: 7-13)


I took the adult Lenten Practicum Sunday School class this past February and March. One of our assignments was to read through the Gospel of Mark in its entirety at one sitting. We were to be alert to the calendar that Jesus kept. What was his day like? His year? What seemed to be scheduled? What was not? When he encountered people, what happened?

What is my journey, I ask. And, what are my instructions along the way? A lifetime of little journeys, it seems. And, what about my calendar? It seems that Jesus had destinations in mind as he set out. But, many of his encounters were “along the way.” They seemed random, unexpected. Jesus was not only open to them, he welcomed them. In my calendar they have been unwelcome distractions. Perhaps I have it backwards. Just maybe my calendar is to be one of the unexpected. In each encounter, is my heart strangely warmed? Is it the Holy Spirit teaching me something? Is it a message of repentance I am to hear or give? Is it an unclean spirit I am to dismiss?

Just maybe it is.

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