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Hearing and Seeing the Story of God

For the last couple of months I’ve talked about stories (read more here & here!)  The power of stories and how they move people to not only hear but understand people who are very different from ourselves.  When we listen to stories we hear different parts or different sounds that come from them.  So I want to share with you: What does ESOL sound like?  You may be thinking: Chris ESOL again?  Yes, again!  Why? Because I see Jesus moving powerfully there so often, I want to tell the good news whenever possible!  So here is what ESOL sounds like:

It sounds like encouragement.  The sounds of students and assistants joyfully cheering one another on as they learn English but also culture.

It sounds like hope. The sounds of students hearing words for the first time and grasping them. And for those that don’t, assistants sitting with them for however long it takes and guiding them through new words with kindness and patience.

It sounds like joy.  The sound of students laughing and telling jokes because they are growing deeply with one another.

It sounds like love.  The sounds of teachers helping and guiding our students, making them feel safe through caring for them and loving them.

Ultimately what this sounds like is the way of Jesus.  The sounds I heard were people immersed in creating community, creating connections, and loving one another.  This is despite the fact that our team and our students are people from completely different backgrounds, ethnicities, and socioeconomic status.  And the beautiful part of the stories shared, and heard is that we are seeing what the kingdom of God looks and sounds like.  It is rich, it is beautiful and it is a story that needs to be told over and over again.

Though our ESOL has finished for the Winter/Spring, we will begin a new session beginning in September for you to be a part of.  If this interests you, contact me and let’s hear and see the story of God together!

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