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Shine Where You (And We) Are

Did you know that in the church year, Epiphany can be celebrated on a day, or for a whole season?  This year I’m appreciating remembering that Jesus is the light of the world, the epiphany of God, who still shines, and wants to through us.  That’s the invitation and opportunity, to become luminous.  I’m grateful to our friend Anne Grizzle who brought this prayer poem to my attention, and I’ve been met by praying it.

Epiphany Prayer
by Steve Garnass-Holmes
you have revealed yourself to the world in Christ.
Now reveal yourself in me.
May your grace shine in me.
May my love be a guiding star for others.
May my words and deeds show forth
the reign of your mercy and justice.
With humility and generosity
may I offer the gifts you have given me.
The treasure chest of my soul I open
to you and to the world.As magi knelt and honored you,
I give you my life.
May I be a revelation of your strong, tender love,
your astounding grace,
your faithful presence.Star of God, shine in me.
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