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A Read, Watch, Listen – Bonus Feature

You may have noticed the “Read, Watch, Listen” section at the bottom of Coracle’s weekly newsletter.  These are articles, videos, podcasts and music that we have found helpful, informative, and encouraging. I have something maybe a bit different to suggest this week.

One evening last week I decided to watch The Bank of Dave on Netflix.  I am suggesting that to you.  (It is based on a true story.) I am holding myself back from discussing “themes” and “implications” in the film – perhaps that is a conversation for after you see it.  You will hear many echoes of what we as the Coracle community talk about.  But set that aside until after you watch the movie. We can just be too heavy sometimes. So, my suggestion is to settle yourself in, maybe get some popcorn, and simply enjoy a story of good, told well with humor, friendship, and laughter. I would welcome hearing what you thought.  Oh, and by the way, don’t ask me to sing karaoke, that would be bad for all concerned – watch The Bank of Dave and you’ll understand. Enjoy.

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