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Where we are in south Arlington

By God’s abundant grace and clear leading, Coracle’s new Ministry Center in south Arlington is located in the Arlington Mill neighborhood of Columbia Heights in Arlington County, Virginia.  We are glad to be here, excited and confident that God’s hand was at work to place us with Greenbrier Baptist Church to be a blessing to and be blessed by the people here.  The image below and the article it comes from gives you some sense about our new neighborhood.

Though the article identifies Arlington Mill as an area of “concentrated disadvantage” in a variety of ways, we see so much beauty and opportunity as we are getting to know our neighbors, people whom we want to know better, love well, and who have so much to teach us. As Bill wrote recently about Coracle’s vision for 2024, “The Light Shines in the Darkness”, we are excited to begin being a part of this community.  Starting in early 2024 we will be offering English classes and hopefully other educational opportunities, providing food and hospitality in a variety of forms, opportunities for prayer, and more.  We invite you to be a part of this – in prayer, in person, and in support.  Contact Rev. Chris Lugo, Coracle’s NoVa/DC Community Minister ( to learn more, get connected, and/or volunteer with whatever skill or availability you can offer.

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