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Peacemaking, Israel/Palestine, and Our “Telos”

When I was talking with my good friend David Katibah about speaking at Coracle back in September, I never envisioned how timely it would be, and how I would need David’s wisdom and words to heal my grieving heart.  David is the Director of Communications and Christian Engagement at the Telos Group, which seeks to form communities of peacemaking across the world.  Coracle has been grateful to partner with Telos for many years.  One area Telos specifically has worked tirelessly in for years is Israel/Palestine. It is there they say that they, “…envisage a time beyond the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, when diverse communities of American peacemakers will stand with both Palestinians and Israelis to sustain dignity, freedom, and security for all.” They see this as rooted in Scripture’s call of seeing all people as image bearers of God (Gen. 1:27) who deserve dignity, freedom and security.  Like many of you, watching the news is disheartening and it brings with it a wide array of emotions and thoughts.  Most of the time, I am lost for words and can’t process the violence I see.  This is why I am so moved to have my friend David come and speak at our Coracle Ministry Space for our upcoming 2nd Wednesday night, November 8 at 7pm about Peacemaking, Israel/Palestine and our end goal, our “telos”.

If you want to constructively consider what is happening in that part of the world, come join us.  If you want to know how to pray and how to be involved in the telos God envisions for the world, come join us.  If you simply want to have words to pray, come join us. It will be an important and sweet time, with someone I highly respect and who loves Jesus so much.  I want to leave you with this prayer David wrote in regards to this tragedy happening in Israel/Palestine that I think encompasses what we all want to see:

Empower and shower us with the courage of your Spirit, God, claiming the agency and influence you have given us to be a part of the transformation of this violence into a world beset by your peace, a world we know is coming, a world we pray comes soon. Come, Lord Jesus, and let your Kingdom reign on earth as it is in heaven.  Amen.
In Christ,
Rev. Chris Lugo
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