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The “Old Book”, A New Bible Study – An Invitation to Join our Study of Isaiah

It is my favorite moment in the 1981 film Chariots of Fire.  The American sprinter Jackson Sholz hands Eric Liddell, the UK runner, a handwritten note just before Liddell’s 400 meter race. The note begins, “It says in the Old Book…”. I encourage you to watch the scene from the film here. Having read the note Liddell settles into the starting block, gripping the note in his hand, then runs his race. He finishes, first, still holding the note.

“The Old Book”- that to me is the most significant part in the scene. “The Old Book”, the Bible. We can grip, trust, and rely on; run our race with “the Old Book.” Perhaps the scene gives an apt metaphor for us who follow Jesus.

As you know Coracle is a ministry devoted to Spiritual Formation for Kingdom Action. To help us along in our journey of formation, Coracle is offering its second Coracle Bible Study led by Rich Dean, Coracle’s Board Co-chair.  Beginning Friday, October 6, 2023, Rich will lead us in a study of Isaiah. Over the course of several months, the study will draw out key themes from the book of Isaiah:

  • God’s continuing commitment to His people;
  • God’s sovereignty over the nations of the world throughout history;
  • God’s working out of His plan for the salvation of His people;
  • God’s faithfulness to, and love for, His people despite their unfaithfulness; and
  • God’s commitment to establishing His kingdom characterized by love and justice.

The study will explore how such themes in Isaiah establish a foundation for what Jesus inaugurates about His new kingdom in the Gospels. We will also see how understanding these themes will deepen and strengthen our confidence and faith in God’s plan for the world and our lives. In short, this Coracle Bible Study will give us a better grip on “The Old Book”, helping us to run our race to the finish with confidence and in strength.

The Coracle Bible Study will meet on the first and third Friday mornings of each month, from 8 – 9 AM (US Eastern time), beginning Friday, October 6th. You can learn more and register here. You are invited. We hope to see you there!

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