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The River of Love

Brent Snader, a participant in our 2022 Coracle Fellowship cohort, shares a poetic response to his time in the program.


The River of Love

Formed by the Spirit to serve my King
There is no greater goal, no higher thing.
Thanks be to God the work is already begun
To go further up, further in – how is this race run?

“Not by might, nor by power, but by my Spirit,” says He.
It all starts in love, and unending romance
With Father, Son, Holy Spirit – Blessed Trinity
Step into the river and come join the dance.

Rooted and grounded, I’m established in love,
But the breadth and the depth known in smallest degree.
The Creator of all sent his Son from above
Just as the Father loves Him, so does He love me!

It is known well in my head and part of my heart.
The past thirty years have been a good start.
Yet I want it more fully, drowning all of me
So I’ll jump into the river and just try to be

“Speak Lord, I’m listening,” I struggle to say
And wait for the answer, come what may
Learning to sit and be still in silence to rest
For in all conversations, two voices are best.

The Spirit, eager to guide me, ever present is here
I’ve tasted, caught glimpses, throughout this past year
Help me step out of the fog and into clear day
Give me retrained eyes to see things Your way.

Down the river I go, at times slow, others fast.
Seasons of peace and calm where the water’s like glass
But then wild raging rapids, out of control
He’s not safe, but He’s good- Captain of my soul

The river goes on, growing more deep and wide
Holy Love behind and before surrounding me on all sides.
Guide me home to the sea, great Three-in-One,
Saying, “Yes!” to your ways, is how this race is won.

Brent Snader

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