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Over the past several months you likely have heard us talking about “The Next Journey”  for Coracle.  The Next Journey, which came from our corporate discernment last summer, focuses on Community, Mission, and (initially) four Spaces.  Thematically, The Next Journey is consistent with what Coracle has been in the past, continuing and increasing many of the ministries that have emerged over these past 11 years.  Our vision is not a new direction but a way to offer some new forms and spaces to more clearly incarnate Coracle’s long-held themes of community, creating spaces, spiritual formation, and Kingdom action.

For us, The Next Journey is a fulfillment of what we’ve been building towards, an actual incarnation of our convictions and values that we’ve spoken much of and are now being invited to live in the company of others.  The motivation is the same as it’s been for Coracle for years:  “Because the world is broken AND JESUS IS REAL!”

Our vision of “The Next Journey: Community, Mission, and Spaces” was deeply informed by the four Gospel accounts of “Jesus Feeding the 5,000”, especially Mark 6.33-44.  Bill connected the Feeding of the 5000 and The Next Journey at our local 2nd Wednesdays Gathering in January.  You can also read about it in our 2022 year end letter.

Part of the call is to be more present in south Arlington County, Virginia.  For those who are not too familiar with Arlington County, it is the county just across the Potomac River from Washington, DC, and contains and bears witness to much of America’s history, for better and worse.  It is also a place where many immigrants and refugees to America come – often living in high-density housing – and yet experience need for food, welcome, and care as they begin life in America.  We (along with Chris Lugo, Coracle Community Minister) have begun meeting with folks in and very familiar with Arlington County to see how and where Coracle might enter in and serve most helpfully.  We’re excited to already have so many ministry partners in Arlington County and Washington, DC, and look forward to meeting new ones.

To be present to this call, we plan for Coracle to have a large space in Arlington County for a great deal of ministry, emphasizing hospitality.  We have begun looking at all sorts of properties for rent, though this mostly remains in the “prayer stage” as we meet neighbors, learn the neighborhoods, and listen to God with others.  The purpose of that ministry space is to give a welcoming, hospitable location where a wide variety of ministries can be offered so that the love of Jesus can be experienced and God’s love tangibly shown.  Incarnating our witness to and apologetic for Jesus is Coracle’s calling in all our current Spaces (Baltimore, Corhaven, and Online), and soon, tangibly, in south Arlington County, Virginia.

I (Bill) am excited to share that in early August Tara and I will be moving to Arlington.  This move is to assist and participate in the above vision, and significantly, also to free up and expand Corhaven’s capacity to function as an actual retreat center starting this fall. And, I will mention as a “Save the Date” we will be having a work day and celebration at Corhaven on Saturday, May 6th – more about that in a few weeks – but do plan to come and bring friends.

Friends, as we explore all of the opportunities above and others along The Next Journey, and continue to listen for God’s guidance as we walk this path, we appreciate your prayers! And, if you’d like to more specifically pray with and for us, we invite you to consider joining our prayer team and receiving our monthly prayer letters where we share both praises and requests for our ministry. Thank you, as always, for your continued support in all forms and for your fellowship in Christ!

On the (next) journey,

Bill and Jeff

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