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A Reflection on the Overturning of Roe v Wade

For good reason there’s been a lot of coverage in all forms of media of last week’s Supreme Court Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization decision overturning Roe v. Wade.  Among the many things I’ve read, I found this summary of an editorial in the Vatican newspaper to be particularly helpful. Other statements I’ve carefully read come from the Center for Public Justice, the ACNA, and the NAE, led by Walter Kim whom I appreciate and respect. Various other Christian voices are covered in Sojourners, and I am also paying attention to David French, who shares, “I am more conflicted than I ever imagined I’d be.”

We can be grateful that many human beings will be allowed to come to their fuller potential because of this decision, even if we have deep concerns about the process and profound concern particularly for the women whose lives will be affected.  Most articles I’ve read, from all sides of the issue, deeply affirm the need for both the church and the government, in light of the Dobbs decision, to dramatically increase support of pregnant women before and after their babies are born.  We can be confident that there will be much more commentary, heated exchanges, and political strategy and action from both sides of this debate, as well as that most of us will continue to have many conversations about it.

As we read, think, pray, act, and discuss, Peter Wehner encourages humility in dialogue that begins by “acknowledging the inescapable ambiguities in this staggeringly complicated moral question.  No matter one’s position on abortion, each of us should recognize that those who hold views different from our own have some valid points, and that the positions we embrace raise complicated issues.”  I’m grateful for the opportunities for many important conversations in the days to come.

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