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7 Days of Praying with the Artists

Every Tuesday morning from 8:30-9 AM (ET), we offer Space for God– a time to meet with and be met by God through a guided time of reflection and prayer.  Over the weeks, the archive of recordings from this rich time together has grown into a terrific resource for those curious about exploring different modes of spiritual practice, Bible study, and prayer.  We will also periodically draw together the best sessions on a particular topic and offer those as 7-day special collections, like “Praying with the Artists.”

One powerful way we are invited to encounter God is through the work of human artistry of all stripes– visual art, poetry, music, pottery, and more.  This collection offers 7 different ways of encountering God through both works of art and even the artistic process itself.  We hope this free resource will be a blessing to you!

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