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“Choosing to Look to Jesus: A Worshipful Encounter with Bach’s B-minor Mass”

On the evening of November 5th, 2020– two days after election day and two days before the election results would be called– we gathered for what we had been calling a “Post-Election Palette Cleanser.”  This was an opportunity to tune-out all of the noise of our lives for a few minutes, to step back and refocus on the deeper Reality undergirding and upholding all our lives by encountering the magnificent celebration of Christ’s loving Lordship through Bach’s B-Minor Mass.

Bill Haley introduces the piece, its personal, historic, and spiritual significance, before launching into an abbreviated “listen-through” of the Mass.  You can watch and listen to the whole piece below, and don’t miss our PDF of Lyrics and “Liner Notes” from Bill!

This offering was part of our “Christian Discipleship & the 2020 Election” Initiative, which includes other recordings, articles, and conversations you can explore HERE.

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