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Create Among Creation

by Krista Cocozello

“The Chickens of Corhaven” by Carolyn Wright

It is written, “in the beginning, God created.” (Gen. 1.1)  It is the first thing we learn about Him.  It is no wonder then that we, made in God’s image, also have the desire to create.  Creative outlets look different for everyone.  For some, it is writing or drawing, and for others, it is interior design or cooking.  For Carolyn Wright, a Coracle Fellow 2019, it is painting.

Carolyn is an accomplished artist and teacher (check out her work here).   As such, she interacts with many people who have the longing to create but who become frustrated when their artwork falls short of their expectations.  She has found that often, a large part of the problem is in the creative tools people choose to work with.  She writes, “While a certain frustration is normal in getting an idea from the head out through the hands, it shouldn’t be exacerbated by a lack in the art materials if it can be helped.” 

In hopes of supporting Corhaven retreatants in their creative experimentation and personal time with God, she created and donated three Art Kits for people to use while on retreat here.  Art Kits are carefully curated art supplies in three separate boxes for drawing, painting, and collage.  Carolyn writes, “I believe that creating is not only something that fulfills us, as being made in the image of the Creator God, but it is also something that brings joy to the Lord.  He rejoices over our delight in creating.”  She hopes that the Art Kits will bring much joy to folks on retreat at Corhaven and to the Lord over time. 

For those planning a personal retreat at Corhaven, you can find the Art Kits on the first floor of the Woodshop.  We will replenish supplies as needed to continue supporting retreatants in their creating time with the Creator. 

Thank you, Carolyn, for your thoughtfulness and hard work in preparing these kits! We too hope that folks who come to take a spiritual retreat at Corhaven will be able to create as they sit among God’s creation here in the Shenandoah Valley!

Krista helps lead worship at The District Church in Washington DC and is currently assisting Coracle with administration while we look to hire someone more permanently in that role.  Thanks, Krista!  BH

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