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Coracle & Coronavirus: Reaching Out to Your Neighbors

Here is a simple but thoughtful email template the Haley’s used to reach out to their neighbors in order to better share the love of Christ in practical ways. We hope it will be useful to you!



Dear neighbors!

Well, these are crazy days with the coronavirus, and one way or the other we imagine that we’re all hunkering down for a bit and staying closer to home. These will likely be some strange weeks.

We’re writing to simply let you know that we’re available to help you in any way that might actually be helpful over the next few weeks.

We’d be happy to get things at the grocery for you, or pick up prescriptions, or pick up other items or needs that would require a trip out should you be unable or feel it would be unwise for you to go out.

If you find yourself getting a little stir-crazy, we’d also be happy to have you over on a nice day and sit out on the porch and visit.

And the woods behind our house have some lovely trails for walking and you’re most welcome to come over any time, go through the back gate, and take advantage of this little slice of nature (and that offer is good any time!!).

Also in terms of what we might be able to offer, it may be helpful to know that Tara is a nurse practitioner and I’ve spent a lot of time in pastoral ministry and we’re glad to offer those services too.

So let us know with an email, text, or phone call if there’s any way we can help out. We’re all in this together, and we’ll all see it through together!

Bill Haley
Phone #

Tara Haley
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