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The Coracle Fellowship 2019 – “A tectonic shift”

The Coracle Fellows Application for 2019 is now available. This is an invitation – an invitation into a deeper relationship with Christ and others, and (warning!) an invitation that may stir up the waters of your life. This is an invitation to change. It’s the time of year where we start to ask God who he might be calling to next year’s Coracle Spiritual Formation Fellowship class.

This year’s Fellows have seen many instances of God forming us all, together and individually. One Fellow describes it this way: “I can’t begin to tell you what this Fellowship means to me. Probably because I can’t find the words to describe it. But I feel a tectonic shift.” We’ve prayed for things together and seen them happen. We’ve experienced changes that it never would have occurred to us to ask for. And it’s not all sunshine and rainbows. God is clearly working powerfully in the hearts of these men and women and it is a beautiful thing to witness, whatever the weather.

The work has come in so many different forms for us: through the reading we’ve done, through the simple grace of spending one day a month away and immersed in pursuit of God, sitting in a field of green grass at Corhaven, watching how the word of God has gone out with power and not returned void. As a current fellow, I can tell you my life is changing.

From time to time, we Fellows get together for dinner. This past week was our third such dinner. As we sat around the table I remembered the first of these dinners from March of this year. We had questions that were apropos of the content we were all studying together.  We discussed the readings, like a good study group.  But this dinner was different.  We didn’t need to rely on the readings to draw us into common, convivial conversation, because God has already been doing that for 9 months.  It was the fruit of God’s work in us, relationally and spiritually, playing out around the table.  It would have been a delight to anyone, but to those who knew what they were looking at, it was the Kingdom at work.

The application is open and we would love for you to think about applying yourself, or forward this invitation to someone who you think may benefit from one year of serious spiritual formation, set off on a journey with other pilgrims. You can read a full description of the program and the dates for our 2019 retreats. And please contact us if you have questions. Will you join us? Apply here. Applications close on November 15th.

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