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Last week I spent my day off doing a deep spring cleaning. I swept the dirty corners of my room, dusted-off countertops and opened all the windows of my house to let the fresh air in; and once everything was back in its place – dusted, cleaned, polished and organized – I felt infinitely better. It was as if winter were gone, creativity had returned to my soul, and I had space, once again, to breathe.

As I contemplated this process this week, I realized that “spring cleaning” – this kind of dusting, sorting and “making space” – doesn’t just apply to our homes. It also applies to our hearts.

Like our homes, our hearts can become dusty and cluttered. In the busyness of everyday life, we can forget the importance of listening to God and our desire for Him can dim. Weighed-down with “shoulds” and “oughts” and others’ expectations, we can lose sight of His purpose and direction for our lives and end up feeling distracted, discouraged or overwhelmed.

The fact is that God wants to “make space” in each of us for more of Him. He wants to breathe His bright Spirit back into the dusty corners of our souls until they’re filled with His colorful life. He wants to refresh, rejuvenate and reawaken us so that we can hear His voice and move, in concert, with Him. But in order for this to happen, we need to give Him dedicated space and time.

Has this April seemed frantic? Are you already feeling tired? Do you sense that your soul needs a “spring cleaning” but you’re not sure where to start?

Here at Coracle we believe that getting away (and getting your hands dirty) gives God an opportunity to do some of His best, and most restorative, soul work. So on Saturday, May 20, we’ll be gathering in the Corhaven garden for a special retreat devoted to spiritual renewal. Like the monks of old, we’ll spend the day in work and prayer and, in the process, open ourselves up to hear from the living God.

If you’re feeling weary, tired or simply desirous of some dedicated time with God, this retreat is for you. We hope you will join us!

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