Spiritual Formation For Kingdom Action

Welcome to 2017!

2017 is going to be a big, strange year, full of challenges, with much uncertainty.  You feel it.  We all do.  I do, deeply.

And just like it is true at the beginning of every new year, the world needs more people who are alive and strong in God to powerfully be his presence wherever they go and wherever God leads them.  I’m committed to enabling people to be folks like this. It’s what Coracle does,  “inspiring and enabling people to be the presence of God in the world by offering spiritual formation and Kingdom action.”  To that end we’ve got big stuff coming up, and we really want you and more folks to be a part of it, for your growth, for your own joy, and for the sake of the world.

*We begin our retreats this year with perhaps our most important retreat of all, God Loves You…No, Really on February 4 at Corhaven.  It’s the basis of everything powerful, but VERY few people live confident in God’s love for them, and you know it from your own experience. Join us February 4 and lay an axe to the root of that debilitating doubt, click here to register.  All of our retreats for the year are actually now on the calendar, so take a look and see which ones you’d like to engage.

*Alright, THIS is news:  We are introducing The Coracle Fellowship, a year long spiritual formation program that leads you through a process of discovery and deepening in community with others who are also seeking More in their relationship with God and in their redemptive engagement in the brokenness that surround us all.  Yes, Coracle is ‘piloting’ our spiritual formation program, and we’d love for you to be a part of this pilot.  It’s been a long time in gestation.  2017 will be a bit of an experiment in this. It starts February 4.  You can read more about The Coracle Fellowship here and the application is here.  Contact me directly if you have questions about it. I’d love for you to join this band of fellow pilgrims on the deeper journey.   Also, please spread the world about this by sharing this link, especially to those you think would benefit.

*And then, Issues involving race and injustice and the work and hope for a reconciled Kingdom Community are so very important, and have been increasingly so since Ferguson all the way through to the presidential election and it’s aftermath.  Coracle is picking this up in a substantive way in 2017, starting with our Soundings Seminar “On Race in America…and a Christian Response” on February 1 at Restoration Anglican (see the sidebar)  We will also arrange a prayerful engagement with the African American Museum in DC, offer a pilgrimage experience to the Corhaven slave cemetery, a service opportunity in DC, and a Lenten experience of the Repentance Project with many partners.  Email Erin Clifford to get further info on any of these opportunities.  Friends, this matters.  There’s much wrong to make right, many tears to shed, many prayers to offer, many relationships to cultivate, much work to do, and so much hope in Jesus Christ!

So yes, crazy days. Pray with us (see the sidebar). I’m excited to dive in, with you…

On the Journey,

PS:  And here’s something sweet, simple and very good.  Fr. James Martin, an author I appreciate very much, and chaplain to Stephen Colbert (!!), gave this great interview in “On Being”.  A simple take on the Christian life and Jesuit contribution.  Excellent listening, very helpful and informative.  Even my kids liked it on a long drive!

“God is here and he speaks!”

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