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Speak, Lord, For Your Servant Hears

“Get into the habit of saying ‘Speak, Lord’ and your life will become a romance.” – Oswald Chambers

Learning to hear God’s voice we can partner with him for his Kingdom’s work in the world.

Six ways God spoke to people in the bible:

  1. phenomena with voice (i.e. burning bush)
  2. supernatural messenger (i.e. angels)
  3. dreams and visions (i.e. Peter on the rooftop)
  4. audible voice (i.e. God speaks to Samuel in the night)
  5. human voice (i.e. Moses to Pharaoh)
  6. human spirit (still, small inner voice)

Listen to Bill Haley’s sermon given at The Falls Church Anglican on May 29, 2016, and learn more here:

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