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Media Roundup – The Corhaven Graveyard

Friends, we had a wonderful celebration this past Saturday, dedicating the Corhaven Graveyard. In many ways it felt like completion, and in many ways a start to something. We are so grateful to you for all your support and prayers throughout the process of getting the graveyard to its current, much-improved state.  The story has been picked up by local and national media. Here’s where you can read more:

  • Karla Petty wrote up a great report here on our blog, with photos.
  • We found out last night the Washington Post covered it, and then the Chicago Tribune picked the article up too!
  • Here’s another article about it in the Mountain Courier, on p20-21 of the PDF.
  • You may have already seen this article about it in the Free Press,
  • And this one in the Northern Virginia News Daily.
So we’ll see what becomes of this! Stay tuned!
“I leave Corhaven with God at my side, having experienced the joy of wordless prayer & having learned his invitation just to be in each other's presence.”

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