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Media Roundup – The Corhaven Graveyard

Friends, we had a wonderful celebration this past Saturday, dedicating the Corhaven Graveyard. In many ways it felt like completion, and in many ways a start to something. We are so grateful to you for all your support and prayers throughout the process of getting the graveyard to its current, much-improved state.  The story has been picked up by local and national media. Here’s where you can read more:

  • Karla Petty wrote up a great report here on our blog, with photos.
  • We found out last night the Washington Post covered it, and then the Chicago Tribune picked the article up too!
  • Here’s another article about it in the Mountain Courier, on p20-21 of the PDF.
  • You may have already seen this article about it in the Free Press,
  • And this one in the Northern Virginia News Daily.
So we’ll see what becomes of this! Stay tuned!