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The Stones of Prayers and Dreams

The Stones of Prayers and Dreams
by Bill Haley

 	We walked through rain and dripping heather
	Conscious of the gift of the place,
	Aware that “together” was our greatest gift.
	So the weather could not dampen our joy
	On that Emerald Isle,
	The place of prayers and dreams.

	We walked on
	Though streams became the rocky path,
	And laughed through soaking shrouds and shoes;
		You held my hand
		Not only lovers—forever friends.

	Ocean to the south, and oceans from above,
	All became Love, and thanks for this gifted life.
	As husband and wife we placed
		the stones of prayers and dreams
	And left them to gleam in the coming sun

	Where they remain today
	Still singing to the One who hears us pray.
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