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It Spreads for Thee

It Spreads for Thee
by Bill Haley

Dark and warmly damp waits the wood
While white mist hovers thick with scent.
Solace and solitude kiss
Give rise to strength and rebirth
To dance again.
Hidden ‘tween the trunks of trees
Protected lies the slitted door,
Veiled in the forests of the valley floor.

Invites the Holy Siren,
	“Eat and drink your fill, o lovers,
	 of this dew and from this glen,”
Sung to swan dancers high on mystical peaks
Surrounded by lovely bees
Satisfied with honey from lesser trees.
	“Settle, come down, and sit where the 
	 dance begins.  The narrow door 
	 unveiled spreads for thee.”

Seek, come near, wander blindly to the wood
Led by whispers and sense.
Sit and join the spirit song, soar,
Swim in love surpassing all knowledge
For those willing to enter the hidden door.

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“God’s epiphany is on every leaf and around every bend–there is Shalom here.”

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