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An Alphabet for Thanksgiving

“An Alphabet for Thanksgiving”
by Bill Haley

                Atonement bought by the Son of God,
			the ransom paid in righteous blood;
		Brothers and sisters, the bonds we share
			of love and life though scattered everywhere;
		Creation sings its praises heav'n winging
			though no metal strikes it raises its’ ringing;
		Daughters and sons are to parents blessed
			spending young lives in a love-made nest;
		Everlasting life beckons all of mankind,
			given by God through His Son to find;

		Friends and family, gifts beyond all measure
			whose worth outweighs all of Solomon's treasure;
		Grace, the greatest, forgiving every sin
			covering every weakness, e'en those laying within;
		Heaven, grand glorious home awaiting us high
			to welcome Christians when death brings us nigh;
		Inexpressible peace washes over the man
			for in midst of life's troubles God shows us His plan;
		Joy expressed in the deepest of reverence
			to the Almighty King raised in song and in dance;
		Kingdoms ruled by the Evil One are turned to dust
			crushed by the Warrior whom the Christians trust;
		Love drawing sheep back into the fold
			to be held in warm arms taken out of the cold;
		Mercy as deep as the ocean and high as the sun
			that takes a sinner and beckons "Chosen One";
		Nature's plenty for all to share
			to enjoy, to relax in, to forget any care;
		Open waters and stretching fields
			to those seeking change do freedom yield;

		Pleasures on earth for both body and mind
			different for every man yet every man can find;
		Quiet times, peaceful places, silent solitude
			feed the mind with spiritual food;
		Rest in life's storms and shelter in the night
			with inevitable breaks and inevitable light;
		Shelter to live in, clothes on our back,
			wonderful lives though riches we lack;
		Trials and temptations, troubles and tests
			to measure gold on the most valuable quest;

		Unity of the Cross shall always be found
			people trusting God are inextricably bound;
		Valuable gifts and treasures all waiting
			for those who prove faithful ’til life is abating;
		Worship to God His praises ringing
			we bear the honor of doing the singing;
		Xylem and phloem keep trees and plants growing
			while our own life’s blood continues its flowing;
		Youth and prosperity, wisdom with age,
			life given fullness following the greatest Sage;
		Zephyrs and zeniths indeed themselves bright
			but pale when compared to the Children of Light.

				Praise God from Whom all blessings flow,
				Praise Him all creatures here below,
				Praise Him above all ye heavenly hosts,
				Praise Father, Son, and Holy Ghost.

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