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Corhaven Kids Club

“Corhaven Kids Club”–Fun, Friendship, Character, and Jesus

It’s been said that when you have kids, the days last forever and the years fly by! All parents want to take every opportunity build into their children and set them up well for life. To do this it takes thoughtfulness, and effort, and intentionality, and others who want this for their kids as well.

To that end, last fall with a group of local parents we started “Corhaven Kids Club” (CKC).   Our hope with this effort is to provide a place for all of our kids to deepen their friendships, develop strong character, continue to learn from Jesus, and have a lot of fun doing it! And that’s exactly what happened for the past school year.

Every other week on Thursday afternoons about 20 kids got together Corhaven for a couple hours for our kids to have fun with old friends and make new friends, learn about strong character traits like courage, kindness, love, perseverance and so on, and learn from the teachings of Jesus as well.

Last year was great, and next year will be even better….

The PDF below is the ‘graduation certificate’ that each child got, which listed what we talked about, learned, and continue to work on.