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“SF4KA”: Why is Coracle doing stuff with the Holy Land and slavery?

Five words and each one of them are critical.   The motto of Coracle is “Spiritual Formation for Kingdom Action”.   That is to say, the purpose of our becoming like Jesus is not simply for our own self-actualization.  It’s got to move outward.  Likewise, our efforts for God’s better world cannot derive simply from our own strength and talents.  They most powerfully emerge from a true spirituality, the inward.

Our efforts to nurture the inward journey are obvious and often.   Personal spiritual retreats at Corhaven, group retreats on themes of growth in Christ and encountering God, offering spiritual direction, the things we write, speaking, and so on.   We do a lot for the spiritual formation of many.   So it’s critical that we do as much as we can for Kingdom action as well, in the forms they are given to us to do.

Among other efforts for God’s Kingdom that we’re involved in and will keep on pursuing, in May there are two such opportunities for people to join in.  What matters about them is not that Coracle is offering them.  They matter because the subject matter matters:  The Israeli/Palestinian conflict, and the legacy of slavery in the United States.

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