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Coracle in Northern Virginia

A common sentiment among those who retreat at Corhaven is how powerful it is simply to step back from the noise, and be still, and create space for God to enter in and speak, and even more than that, to encounter God’s love again.

Simply stepping away from daily activities and entering into a period of listening and silence is critical to living the Christian life.  Consider Jesus. The Gospels record that Jesus was a busy person.  His days too were planned and unplanned encounters with others and always on the move. He was teaching and healing and confronting others, all of which are emotionally draining endeavors. Yet, Jesus is also shown as withdrawing from those he was with into a silent place to pray, often and regularly.

So think for just a moment about your busy life today. Where do you find even a moment’s relief? If Jesus needed his time with the Father through silence and prayer, how much more do we?   Our new efforts in Northern Virginia seek to help those who want to enter more deeply into spiritual disciplines to make space for God.   It’s starts this spring and will continue.  We’re simply creating space–space for you, space for God, and space for you and God.  And, we’re offering it in two ways.

SILENCE AND SPIRITUAL PRACTICE–2nd and 4th Tuesdays–Beginning March 24:   This group is open to anyone at any time for any session, and gathers simply to “Be still and know that God is God” through ancient spiritual practices that incorporate much silence like lectio divina, the prayer of examination, and, well, silence.  The second and fourth Tuesday of each month we create a quiet space to be open to God and to open to God through a guided spiritual exercise.  We’ll meet from 7:00 to 8:30pm in the Falls Church area. Email me to be added to the email list for this group or for more information. The location will be announced later.

SPIRITUAL DEEPENING–1st and 3rd Tuesdays–Beginning March 17:  This group gathers in the Falls Church area to learn more about spiritual practices that enable our spiritual formation and to experience God together.   This first go around we will go through a DVD series by Ruth Haley Barton called Sacred Rhythms: Practices that Nourish Your Soul and Transform Your Life. The first Tuesday of each month we will do the DVD segment on a spiritual discipline, which includes some study and some practice. Members of the group are invited to practice this discipline for the next two weeks. On the third Tuesday we will review this discipline and again practice it. Email me to be added to the email list for this group. The location will be announced later.

Why I Said “Yes”:  After 30 years on Capitol Hill and while still there, some have asked why I am taking on this responsibility rather than moving into retirement. You can find out why HERE .

Other Ways to Participate:  Please join with us in prayer for this new work in Northern Virginia.  It feels like a big step.  You may also participate with us by helping us financially with a special designated gift for the work in NoVA, and that matters. You may do so by clicking here.

I’m excited about this!  We hope to see you on a Tuesday starting in March.  Of course, Coracle continues strong at Corhaven and in many other places, but stay tuned for more about Coracle in NoVA.

In the coracle,

Wade Ballou  ||  Community Minister for NoVA for Coracle

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